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Communications Hub User Interface | The Metaverse Tribune
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020
Communications Hub User Interface

by Mister Acacia
Published March 17, 2013

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Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) is Linden Lab’s next big thing after Server-Side Baking. Or before, depending on bug fixes. It’s a huge rewrite of the Communications floater and chiclets on a more holsitic level. And it’s graduated from a project to beta.

All conversations show up as tabs along the left side of the floater. Each group tab expands to show active chatters, the nearby tab expands to show avatars within range, including yourself.





  • The tab bar can be minimized. Freeing up lots of real estate. Each conversation can be detached, a placeholder in the Conversations floater has a link to reattach, and the detached window as an attach button.









And for chiclet lovers, I’m sorry to report that they’re going away in this version. They are replaced by a larger Communications Log, which has features that chiclets don’t: sort by date of last post, person- or group-specific functions, etc.

All in all there are good and bad things that come with CHUI. If you want your say, download it from their site (choose the Beta version), run it for a few and then make constructive and useful comments in a bug report.

The Firestorm team will be merging CHUI into their viewer, so you’ll want to use the CHUI viewer as well and then let them know what you want.



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