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Easy. Rock The Music | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Easy. Rock The Music

by Netera Landar
Published March 31, 2013

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Orion Deezul not only designed a clever acoustic and electric guitar, he loaded it with up with 20 songs, minus the lyrics, that actually allow you to play the chords. The innovative idea is sure to be a hit. Unlike other guitar players, these play music rather than looping it. The guitar can hold up to 200 songs. Five to 10 are being released per week.

Easy Rock Guitars & Music, located in the Easy Rock Mall, features the Freeplay line of guitars on the left side of the da Vinci sky build store and the Easy Play line on the right. Conveniently included in the store’s products are high quality female and male tattoos created by Leti Hax and sexy Italian catsuits by Emy Burt. Formal Ydea fashions can be found across from the Easy Rock Guitar store and casual around the corner.

Orion and his partner, Lisa, recently introduced me to their system. I accepted Orion’s guitar system, opened and saved it, and then wore the “Lisa Michelle” and the Easy Rock Guitar Controller Strap. The hot red and black electric guitar rezzed and I was ready to give it a try. The control strap rests unseen on your back and all you have to do is hit the first “play” button, select the song you wish to perform, wait for it to load, tap your movement keys on your computer’s keyboard and play at the appropriate speed.

The Freeplay Line includes: The Chord Pro Mode, pre-loaded chord progressions, which you can change by tapping the “E” or “C” keys. The Apreggio Mode, chords played in a single note or a broken chord. It’s like playing one string at a time. The Build Pro will let you make your own chord progressions by adding them and playing them back with a tapping movement or keyboard arrow keys.

After running the system and loving how it worked, we discussed Orion’s creation in the living room of their SL home.

Easy Rock has been in existence just over a year. Both Lisa and Orion own the company. Orion does the design and Lisa the marketing.

“I work on ten to eleven projects at the same time. The focus of most of my designs is increasing interactivity in SL,” Orion said. “Every once in awhile one will progress far enough where I can start building a product out of it. The guitars actually started out sounding very differently. This series of accidental discoveries just kept it interesting for us. We kept pursuing it to where we got today, actually loading sheet music into the guitar. Everyone will get the same song, but different sheet music will be determined by the type of guitar they are using. ”

If all goes well, they’ll have a bass coming out in about two weeks so that will be something new to look for. There will also be drums so you can jam together.

“With the guitar, when we make a sound it’s coming from Second Life, we don’t have to deal with that delay that trips up artists who play together online. So if I was here playing the guitar, you would hear the guitar a couple of seconds after I was playing the notes.”

When Orion was first stumbling along with the concept it took a considerable amount of time. Once he developed the engine that runs the system, the process moves along quicker.

“What makes it unique,” said Orion, “is the actual experience of playing the music, that’s really the difference between any other prop.”

“Real musicians like playing a different line of our guitars,” said Lisa. “We have another line that we download sheet music into. They can actually play the notes and the chords because they know how to play the guitar.”

Where do they see the product headed?

“We have a lot of room to grow and try new ideas. We’d like to see one in everyone’s hands. I think once people start trying it, it’s going to grow pretty quick,” Orion said.

There are 91 members in their Rock Store group who are enjoying this third version of this line of guitars. Updates for life are offered.


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