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Stir My Noodles? | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, July 13th, 2020
Stir My Noodles?

by Sash Arabello
Published April 25, 2013

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One aspect of our SL wardrobe that is terribly neglected is accessories.  Oh sure, we gals have oodles of shoes and hair, and I’s pretty sure that most of us have skins galore, too. Maybe there’s one skin that we stick with for a week, and then we change it up, then aren’t satisfied with one thing or another in the collection until we end up buying a thousand-and-one new ones, only to eventually go back to the skin that started the whole process! But, I suspect that most of us rarely appreciate the collection of jewelry in our virtual jewelry box. Bad… bad… bad… SL’ers! It’s no secret — the key to a really fantastic outfit and our individuality, is largely reflected in how we accessorize!  So, today I’m going to help inspire you and share some ideas.

While I have a many lovely pieces in my SL inventory, when I’m in the mood to shop or looking to bling out a favorite outfit, one of my go-to stores for all of my jewelry needs is Noodles.

Noodles, one of the newest stores in the grid, is owned by Natalee Oodles. I was first captivated with her headbands in the Celestual collection. HEADBANDS! It’s so rare to find headbands in SL, let alone really good ones. I was an instantaneous fan of all things Noodles. The creativity and whimsy incorporated into the original mesh won me over, as well as the variety of items. Tiaras, Disney charm bracelets, cute little necklaces, rings… almost anything that you could imagine. And all extremely well designed, too!  I quickly became a loyal costumer and now own about half of the Noodle product line.

Just for fun, I’ve compiled a few quick looks using only Natalee’s Noodles jewelry designs. Be inspired and enjoy!

Pictured: Celestual Set in Hematite and Rose

Pictured: Necklace: Key to My Heart in God and Cupcake Bow Headband in Blue

Pictured: Be Our Guest Tiara (God/Diamond) – available as Gatcha priza.

Tyr Drop Necklace (Gold/Emerald)

Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet in Gold – Free base of the bracelet available. Must play the gatcha to get every bracelet attachment for your fairy tale charm bracelet)

Pictured: Noodles Peaceful Daisy set in Gold

http://metaversetribune.com/files/2012/11/ad-MEB-.png http://metaversetribune.com/files/2012/11/Face-Paint-logo-317.png


Pictured: Avery Headband in WhiteSweetheart Earrings in Mint (Kawaii fair exclusive)

Unicorn Cameo Hematite/Teal (Kawaii fair exclusive)


Don’t forget to check out Noodles today, and get your accessory on!  Happy shopping, Tribune readers!

Stop by at Noodles Main Store to learn more about exclusives and get some of these fantastic looks!



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