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InWorldz: Addressing Common Viewer Issues | The Metaverse Tribune
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020
InWorldz: Addressing Common Viewer Issues

by RavenmanSkwer & Netera Landar
Published April 29, 2013

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Recently, I was granted an interview with Elenia Llewellyn, one of the owners of InWorldz. The focus of our conversation was something that impacts all residents from time to time — viewer crashes. It happens to everyone; the annoying reality within the virtual reality world, when everything is hung or frozen, making it impossible for us to move or communicate via our avatars.

Elenia Llewellyn of InWorldz

According to Elenia, crashing was a frequent problem in the past.  Now, however, it appears to have leveled off or eased up a bit.  Nevertheless, when we do experience this type of behavior in the viewers, there are numerous reasons that could lead up to this problem.

“It could be from memory leaks maxing out the memory allocated to the region, to deadlocks found in the code,” she explained. “There are several steps we took to alleviate the issue for our residents. One, deadlocks were hunted down and fixed. Two, memory leaks were identified and fixed so that most regions now consume far less memory than ever, even when a party is going on, and doesn’t continue climbing for no reason. Three, we gave our residents the tools they needed to do their own restarts and control their sim far better.”

Touching upon the question of InWorldz being undeveloped in comparison to other grids, Elenia replied that the owners are avid readers, regarding what is expected of a grid. She stated that there are two schools of thought. One is following OpenSim or Second Life’s progression. “Keeping up with the Joneses,” in a matter of speaking.

InWorldz is based off of the OpenSim platform

“Some of the things out there, such as mesh, physics, MoaP, etc., were ‘easy’ implementations if one wasn’t looking at the broader scope of what InWorldz hopes to achieve,” she related. “We have spent vast quantities of time and manpower to ensure that those items are done, not just done, but done correctly as well and make sure that it works in hand with PhysX properly. We don’t want to lose some of the best parts of what we currently have with new technology.”  Elenia believes that InWorldz is moving forward after fixing the majority of the core components.

Another key element in any virtual world is the “search” function. A grid must continually update the services and wares that merchants have to offer, as the virtual economy has far-reaching impact, and retailers/consumerism is essential. Elenia said that this feature is in the works and that users will observe it exceeding their expectations.

Asked if InWorldz plans to work with Firestorm and make it a default viewer option, Elenia commented that nothing within InWorldz is changed or altered without observing the side effects of adding more to the server. “We tend to really analyze the things we implement and ensure that we don’t add anything unnecessary that would create further encumbrances on our residents’ experience,” she stated.  InWorld’s developers are following a list of unapproved viewers, but there’s not much that can be done because of code changes.

In regards to attracting new designers, Elenia remarked that InWorldz has been “on the uptick” for four months and that has attracted popular content creators. As for content safety, she said that InWorldz is DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) registered and follows through on any DMCA sent to it. They take the side of creators and their permissions, and believe that residents need to be educated, in terms of what is acceptable with content creator’s property. Copybotting falls under DMCA, said Elenia, and it is up to the creator to file one. InWorldz will respond in an effort to continue providing Safe Harbor status.

“Obviously, we can only enforce DMCA issued items, otherwise, we could end up in a lot of trouble. But we’re happy to help any creator walk through the DMCA process and how it needs to be done so they can get their items removed if need be,” she said.

I indicated to Elenia that another InWorldz resident stated that 80% of the LSL standard scripts do not run in InWorldz or will crash a region. She responded by saying that the grid’s developers are more than happy to work with anyone who has a script that is not working properly. Further, she said that difficulties are dependent upon what the script is or its intended purpose. At this time, the Phlox script engine, without the Vehicle Implementation, is 99% compatible to LSL.

“The only area we’ve seen massive lag from scripts with Phlox running (and there are some really great stats out there comparing Phlox to Mono and LSL btw) is from the vehicle implementations or really fast asset affecting scripts, such as llSetPrimitiveParamsFast, when done en masse on a region,” she said.

Another issue on everyone’s mind is the desire to upload one’s inventory to another grid to avoid “starting over.” If the user created the items, then such transfers would be acceptable.  Anything created by another fashion, furniture or build creator/designer falls into the area of SL TOS violations.

The good news is, the team at InWorldz does seem intent on listening to its residents and taking their feedback seriously.  This trend should enable them to enjoy progress and growth well into the foreseeable future.

Join me and adventure into this virutal world –  enjoy your time in InWorldz. Hope to see you around.




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