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I Guess I’m Just ‘Fashionably Dead’ | The Metaverse Tribune
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
I Guess I’m Just ‘Fashionably Dead’

by Sash Arabello
Published May 8, 2013

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So, I remember back in the day when I was fairly new to the fashion scene, I was looking for a Tres Blah store, and I stumbled upon a magical sim named Tableau. Not only was it filled with beautiful scenery, but… it absolutely changed my SL fashion. It introduced me to some of the best stores in second life, and among all of the great stores that filled the sim was Fashionably Dead – fashions designed by Toast Bard.

It’s no secret that I love things that are vintage and eclectic. Casual vintage. That’s really the inspiration of my style, both in real life and in my Second Life. And not only does Fashionable Dead have incredible clothes, but they also have hair! Seriously. And skins, too. And they have adorable mesh doll heads that I absolutely love. For a while they didn’t offer mesh, but once Toast Bard started creating mesh things… my heart raced.

Even more exciting to me is that the brand has now joined the Collabor88 line-up. This means that every month there are bunches of new releases… and I believe that most fall into the range of 88L-388L. And most months a new hair release is included! I will admit, when Toast joined the Collab line-up, I squealed like a little girl!

Also, if you haven’t heard of Collabor88, it’s one of the best events in the grid. And it’s so hugely popular that there’s definitely a fight to get in when it kicks off at midnight! Some of the very best designers on the grid, offering items ranging from clothing, household items, to random products, are invited to participate.  They provide limited release items that have a certain color palette for the month, all for about 88L.  And… and the event takes place monthly on the 8th!

Fashionably Dead can be found at Colabor88, as well as many other big names, such as Lisp, Pilot, Nylon Outfitters, Ison, Intrigue Co., Floorplan, Glam Affair, and so many more! Make sure to stop by this month, on the 8th, and check out this fabulous monthly event.



Fashionably Dead – Collar Dress, navy
Fashionably Dead – Knee High Mesh Socks, maroon
Fashionably Dead – Sunday, brunette 2 hair


Fashionably Dead – Glitter Peplum, cream
Fashionably Dead – Scallop Shorts, grey
Fashionably Dead – Pretty Lady Shoes, cream
Fashionably Dead – New Romance Side Bangs, light brunette hair


Fashionably Dead – Triangle Tee, white
Fashionably Dead – High Waist Cutoffs, dark denim
Fashionably Dead – Opaque Tights, white
Fashionably Dead – Bowie Heels, chocolate
Fashionably Dead – Sunday, brunette 2 hair


Don’t forget to visit Fashionably Dead at Tableau and Collabor88 to get all of these amazing looks and more!



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