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Full Crystal: Hanging On | The Metaverse Tribune
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
Full Crystal: Hanging On

by Landa Crystal
Published May 16, 2013

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Hazardous Sim

I had nothing to do except explore new venues that night.  I was erhmmm… how to explain… in a funk. I walked in and tried to fly with the crows on the sim, but even they avoided me. My article was due and I had no inspiration. Whenever we fight it’s the same. How our SL can affect us in this way is beyond comprehension.

I ambled about… explored… and was very glad to have found a venue that I did not know but liked immediately. ¨Hazardous…¨ now playing at a Landmark  near you.

I was in so much pain that night that I wanted to jump off the bridge. Avatars are controlled by humans and we humans are animals. My instinct of self-preservation is strong, even in SL, even regarding my avatar. I held on tight to the edge of the bridge, my body hung down, I was very aware of my heart beating very fast as I swayed in the strong breeze.  I looked down at the abyss.  I was unable to let go.

Swing Out Sister

It has been said that in order to be successful as a species, we must have the ability to want to survive, and strive for it long enough so we can pass our genes on to the next generation. I think the same may be true in SL; we, as SL’rs, need to desire wholeheartedly to survive and make our SL survive, as well. This is not an easy task. LL needs to want it, too.

Survival will come from the evolution of our species,  independently — whether we have become our Avatars or not. We do indeed live in an extremely complex environment in SL that constantly seems to increase in complexity as it directly relates to the ascent of new technology.

Believe it or not, the residents of SL have become a true society in our own right. Notice how, if you are older than a year, you begin to run into people you know around the grid. The reason is, as the saying goes, ¨God creates them and they gather ’round.” That is, around their own interests, so it’s not so much a shrinking of SL as some think.

Hanging On…

When I happen to encounter a new batch of newbies in-world, I find that technology has evolved so much that today’s newcomers encounter challenges that oldies never faced. And these challenges are BIG. As SL turns the big 10-years-old next month, we can reflect and see how this virtual world has become a country populated with individuals representing diverse nationalities and with different levels of expertise, from all over the world. The very thought seemed to change my outlook completely, and almost like a miracle, pulled me out of my funk.

Feeling much better after the ¨SL Country¨ idea hit my brain, I felt lifted out of my dark hole and energized enough to return to my land so I could begin to rebuild everything that I had destroyed. After all, you can’t build a successful country on quitters.  But, before I leave the Hazardous sim, I decided to drop the needle on this old LP and dance alone to the tune of my own music… SL’rs Rock!

Listening to Major Tom… by Bowie


Until next week,



Styling info

Dress – Solidea Folies at Limited Bazar

Shoes – Similar

Clutch and Jewelry – Epoque




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