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Ison: For Today’s Modern, Stylish Woman | The Metaverse Tribune
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
Ison: For Today’s Modern, Stylish Woman

by Sash Arabello
Published May 21, 2013

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With a million-and-one destinations for shopping in Second Life, sometimes it’s hard to find those stored-away gems that are seriously worth visiting so you can shop and spend your hard earned lindens. If you’re picky like me, this search is about twenty times harder than it should be, really. But when you discover a store like Ison, it’s easy to become a loyal and repeat costumer.

Ison’s style is extremely classy, simple, and nothing particularly extreme about them. So, to someone like me… well, it’s a perfect blend of showing off the right amount of skin. Sexy but not trashy. And the perfect fit in mesh to make your avatar look like a million bucks. I’ve been shopping for years at Ison. Years! And there’s not one release of Harry Hyx that has let me down yet.

Dress: ISON – flight bodycon dress (black)

I found Ison on the SL Marketplace back in the day, while trying to find a nice dress for my avatar to wear. Once I saw some of the creations in the listings (pre-mesh, mind you) I absolutely fell in love. Swoon! A year or two later, I still find myself going there, and guess what? There have been some SL events that I’ve attended for the sole reason that Ison’s name was on the list!

On top of all that, I love the fact that Harry Hyx is actually approachable. I really respond to that quality in a store owner/designer. I mean, who wants to shop someplace where the owner has a bad reputation, has countless rules about when to contact them, or makes you feel like a nobody? I know I don’t! In the past I’ve had a couple of minor transaction problems, recently asked Harry for the Ison logo for this article, and every time he is very accommodating and helpful. I know it’s odd to comment on this regarding creators, but now-a-days it’s seriously rare to find such caring people who are genuinely interested in their customers.  This type of behavior actually enhances the shopping experience and keeps loyal customers coming back for more!  Well, at least it does to me.

Dress: ISON – shift blazer dress (black)
Leggings: ISON – leather leggings (black)
Boots: ISON – carazon boot (black)

Dress: ISON – sheer sleeve dress (beige)

Shoes: ISON – miraya open-toe bootie (pearl)

Vest: ISON – belted fur vest (snow)
Shirt: ISON – lacy shoulder shirt (rain)
Skirt: ISON – wrap skirt (black)
Shoes: ISON – hawkin boots (nude gold)

I hope you love the looks that I compiled for this week’s article, using some of Harry Hyx‘s creations for your viewing pleasure, as much as I do. Enjoy! And don’t forget to stop by Ison’s main store in-world, as well as on the SL Marketplace, and pick up some of these items and more!




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