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Cavern Club: Birthplace of the Beatles | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Cavern Club: Birthplace of the Beatles

by Netera Landar
Published May 22, 2013

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Imagine walking into the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, one of the first stages the legendary Beatles performed on.  Owner, Alan Sytner, envisioned it as a jazz venue, but history had other plans for it.

Let’s step back in time. Set the time travel clock to July 31,1957.  Carefully push your way into the cool, narrow lounge. Feel the low curve of the cellar roof a few feet above your head. You’d probably hear him before you’d see him, but Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) is banging away at the drums. He’s performing with the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group. What you’re hearing is folk and rock ‘n’ roll keeping the Friday night crowd interested and happy. Too bad you’re going to miss Paul McCartney making his debut with the Quarry Men. He’s booked to perform on Jan. 28, 1958.

Travel ten years into the future. It’s 1961. Listen as the Beat Music scene is rocking Liverpool in what will become the most popular pop music venue in the world. The Beatles have their first gig at the Cavern Club on Feb. 9, 1961. Taking the stage are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best on drums. In August, 1962, Best will end his gig with the Beatles and Ringo Starr assumes his role as drummer. In just a few more years, the Beatles will become a global sensation when they perform on American television.

While Carmen Cardone’s Second Life version of the 50-year-old Cavern Club isn’t in a warehouse cellar, it does capture the style of that popular venue. Carmen adores the history of the original venue and enjoys the challenge of providing entertainment here. She first came in-world in 2009, and actually knows quite a few singers from the UK, a number of which live in Liverpool. One of them is Seamore Wildehart.

“When I went to the UK last July, he was kind enough to take me to the Cavern Club in Liverpool, along with his friends,” she explained. “I had already built the club before I went there. If you look at photos of the Cavern Club you will see mine actually looks just like it in real life.” She added that the only exception is the real one was built in a basement. Her SL land would have to be terraformed to accommodate the venue below ground level.

Carmen’s version of the club is a year old on May 14. The majority of the build she created. Seamore helped with a few things here and there. Carmen had the structure up in a few days, possibly because of her building experience in Utherverse.

So, if you’re interested in the performance schedule, here it is:

* Every Monday she has either Jed Tharnaby from the UK or Mash Rhode from Ireland at 12 PM. Ronnie Mayes from the UK follows and then Wildehart.

*Occassionally, Blindboy Gumbo and Pol Arredia perform.

The day I showed up for a gig, Bronze and Gweeb both performed. The club began to fill up and the Beatles songs were appreciated.

Carmen informed me that there were more performance days, but real life had become a little more demanding. Hopefully, after her first venue anniversary, she can add to the schedule, keeping the majority of the gig’s Beatle songs. She has been contacted by a number of American artists who would like the opportunity to perform hits of these musical icons.

She’s also trying to bring back artists that performed at the venue in the beginning, such as Whirli, Doofus and Pan, Chip Tackas, Dusty Smythe, Theresa Nayar, Caasi, Maveen and Bandit Eddingham.

Carmen prefers to be Cavern Club’s hostess and she feels fortunate that those that frequently visit her venue contribute generously.

“Without my patrons, there would be no Cavern Club. I’ve had people come here who have seen the Beatles in real life,” she explained. “One woman saw them ten times. She actually ran away from home to see them. I also have people who sit here for hours just to listen to the Beatles stream. That makes me happy.”

As for her goals, she eventually wants you have to walk down steps to get into it. She’d first have to talk to the sim owner about that. She would also like to have a store with UK items.

“I actually picked this sim because it use to be called Good Day Sunshine, but they changed the name of it a few months ago. Mankind Tracer is here and he has a club and there’s another club called The Underground. We all work together to make sure we don’t have conflicting events. The sim can handle up to 100 people,” Carmen said.

Carmen enjoys the opportunity to meet people coming to her venue. She would like to thank all the patrons who have spent their time at the Cavern Club and all of the artists for their wonderful performances.




  • Carmen Cardone

    I want to thank Netera for writing such a wonderful article about my club. Also want to thank everyone who has stopped by the Cavern Club in it’s first year in Second Life and looking forward to many more years!

  • Carmen Cardone

    Thanks to Netera for writing such a great article on my club and all my friends who have come to the the Cavern in the first year in Second life.

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