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His name is Bronze, but the sound… Golden. | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
His name is Bronze, but the sound… Golden.

by Netera Landar
Published May 29, 2013

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The Cavern Club is quiet now. Without an event planned, there is no audience dancing in the venue, nor artist singing on stage. Bronze, a Second Life singer/guitarist, and I sat down on Carmen Cardone’s British-inspired couch to talk about his SL experience. We are surrounded by Beatles memorabilia and love it.

Asked what type of music he prefers, he replied, “I try to perform something from everybody,” he explained in the quiet venue. “All covers because I have no time to write my own, though I have dabbled,” he says with a laugh, then names a few of the many artists he enjoys. “Let’s see…Bread, The Eagles, Beatles, Stones, James Taylor and country artists like George Jones. I like the Bee Gees, just not the Disco stuff. It was the Beatles who made me pick up a guitar,” he confessed.

Bronze was invited to Second Life by friends who performed on a live streaming site called Stage TV. He said it’s gone now, which he feels bad about. He also considers SL a better format than Paltalk or camfrog.

“At first I thought SL was too much to deal with,” confessed the self-taught musician. “But an old girlfriend took me from newbie to being able to get around. I learned the rest myself.”

Recalling his first SL gig, Bronze said he performed for three months at a blues venue owned by Francis Beaumont, another SL artist. He played what he knew and went on from there.

Today, Bronze sings at least six times a week.  No more 25-30 gigs a week, for it nearly burned him out. You’ll find him at Ecnad, Surfside Hideaway, The Pocket and Lacey’s Place. He has a great time singing at rez day parties and an occasional Bachelorette party.

“I’m just fun-loving me on stage,” he said. “Yes, I have a lot of friends from all over the world, like Guitarman Flannigan, who is from Germany, and his girlfriend. They’re great people.”

He loves the gigs, but admits it can be difficult sometimes. Getting enough sleep can be a problem. That and the competition, considering that there are so many other SL artists performing at the same time.

When it comes to booking, Bronze handles it himself. He doesn’t promote his gigs as much as other SL artists. The majority of those who attend his sets are followers of the venue’s group. But that’s okay with him. He gets to sing, has a great time and always meets someone new.

Bronze also mentioned that he has invited other real life musicians to SL hoping they’ll join the music scene. He’s suggested it, but none have ventured in to explore and follow the lead of other SL artists.  He feels the game is “intense” at first. Rather than seek a mentor or ask questions, musicians may simply give up,” he expressed.  And then teleported me to his, and his partner’s, private castle. I scanned the gothic elements intertwined with modern day romantic décor. It created the perfect getaway for a SL couple.

Bronze told me to hop in his military jeep and off we went to each corner of their land. Lazy beaches had piers perfect for watching the sunset.  A rustic cabin spoke of long comfortable nights.  The castle was large and loved by its owner.  He couldn’t imagine being without it.




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