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LL Announces Improved Avatar Loads | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
LL Announces Improved Avatar Loads

by Metaverse Press
Published May 30, 2013

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Could this be the end of the avatar “cloud?”

In a May 29, 2013 Second Life blog update, ” Faster Avatar Loading on the Horizon,” Linden Lab announced new information regarding “Project Shining,” a task that  LL split off into three sub-projects, Project Sunshine, Object Caching and HTTP Library in 2012.  A frequent complaint of most SL users, slow rez time for avatars has been an on-going problem for years, so for LL to move forward and show marked progress on this issue is surely good news to many.  The intent of this update is to “make avatars load and rez more quickly and reliably,” according to the posting.

Improving the back-end infrastructure has involved tests from changing outfits, swapping avatars, avatar loading, and much more.  LL claims that they are seeing better performance overall, which translates to a reduction in time for avatars to appear as  “clouds” or other states of sluggish loads where rebaking doesn’t necessarily clear up the problem.


Project Sunshine is rolling out in three steps:

1) A required Viewer update, out now! The official Second Life Viewer (version 3.5.1 and later) includes important updates you’ll need to enjoy the benefits of Project Sunshine, so update today if you haven’t yet.  Actively updated Third Party Viewers also already have Sunshine-enabled versions available.

2) A server-side update, rolling out soon. It’s at this point that you’ll begin to notice significant improvements in avatar and object load times and reliability. But if you haven’t updated your Viewer, avatars won’t look right to you when we roll out the server update, so seriously, update now!

3) A second Viewer update, released after the server-side improvements are rolled out. As long as you have the Viewer 3.5.1 or later (available now), avatars won’t look wrong for you, but this second Viewer update will be needed to get the full benefits of Project Sunshine.


Linden Lab has created a video that further illustrates the improvements that have taken place with “Project Sunshine.”  Check it out, and download the updated viewer (at your own risk) to determine yourself if their claims really do improve your in-world experience.







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