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5 Must See Minecraft Animations | The Metaverse Tribune
5 Must See Minecraft Animations

by Metacam Oh
Published May 31, 2013

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As the cultural phenomenon of the game Minecraft continues to reach epic heights, we figured it would be a good time to collect some of the best Minecraft animations that you definitely must see, whether you are a Minecraft fanatic, or not. There are thousands of Minecraft videos out there, and sometimes it can be hard to sift through them all, however we have compiled 5 that will blow you away. Keep in mind, these videos are not created inside the actual Minecraft game, but are actual professional quality animations using professional quality software. The fact that people are going to such lengths to create these professional quality videos with a Minecraft theme, reflects the impact this game has made. So here are 5 can’t miss, in no specific order.

Mine of Steel

Mine of Steel is a recreation of one of the trailers to the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel flick releasing this June. As a big Superman and Minecraft fan, you can understand why I list this one first. You can also see a side by side comparison with the original trailer here.

Dig Build Live Episode 1: Spawn

Dig Build Live Episode 1: Spawn is the first video in a series of animations. An amazing original video imagining the creation of the Minecraft Universe. The Dig Build Live YouTube channel is definitely worth checking out for other amazing animations.

Minecraft Style

Minecraft Style is a parody on the infamous Gangnam Style music video created originally on the Captain Sparklez YouTube channel, however was taken down in various copyright complaints as the video raked in millions of views. I can’t stand the original, but the parody video is amazing. If this embedded video gets removed, just search for Minecraft Style and you will probably find a version somewhere, it’s worth watching.

Fallen Kingdom

Fallen Kingdom is another gem from Captain Sparklez parodying the Cold Play song “Viva La Vida”.

The Miner

The Miner is a parody of the Gym Class Heroes “The Fighter” from one of my favorite Minecraft YouTubers AntVenom.

Keep checking back with the Metaverse Tribune for more Minecraft!

  • Beth Odets

    omg I love this! im a HUGE minecraft nerd. my 13 year old daughter wont play minecraft with me anymore cause im too smart and my 15 year old son wont play minecraft with me cause im too dumb. I found the app for multi player servers on the pocket edition last week. they need buckets… just saying… (rolls eyes at myself)

  • Deniel Strenadjko

    Maybe i can have a game with you :) I am 18 and i too addicted with minecraft :) add me on skype: fannat2 :)

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