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Severa Beach Fleshtival | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Severa Beach Fleshtival

by Chloe Wilde
Published June 4, 2013

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If you would like your upcoming roleplay event, roleplay class, or roleplay sim featured in my column “Running Wilde” for the Metaverse Tribune, please contact me in-world via IM or NC to Caramelo Cardalines.  This article is an in-character roleplay based on the life of Chloe Wilde in Severa Beach, a next generation dark urban roleplay sim in near future California.

Chloe sat alone on her remodeled apartment’s grand balcony in the Hotel Cortez, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and thought about the upcoming Fleshtival.  The words “strange” and “edgy” stuck in her head from the article she read in “The Severa Mercury” newspaper.  The fact that Eva wanted her to attend the festival as a supporter made her stomach swirl a little.  ”I don’t know if this is for me,” she finally blurted out, talking to no one but herself.

She crossed her arms protectively over her chest and her fingers tapped rhythmically on the exposed flesh of her arms until she realized the connection between “Fleshtival” and her own Flesh.  She stopped.  ”A Festival to celebrate Flesh?  How could they possibly do that?  Maybe the Fleshtival being at The Port has something to do with it.”  Her stomach became more unsettled as the suppressed vivid memories of her short stay in The Port, which were dangerously close to resurfacing.  She quickly stood up from the chair, as her breath quickened, and scrambled to the edge of the balcony, where she bent over over its ledge to inhale the fresh salty air that rose up to meet her after waves crashed forcefully upon the rocks below.  Desperate was her need to halt the on-coming panic attack.

“Why?  Why did I say I was going to go?!” she cried out to the ocean.  ”This can’t promise anything good, but honestly, I really don’t have a choice!”  Tears formed in her eyes as the voices of Cameron and Eva replayed in her mind.  It was clear, once Chloe left The Port, that she must do what they said, or her lifeless body would be floating around in the marina — made to look like an untimely accident.

After a few deep breaths while she gazed out on the peaceful ocean, Chloe nervously pulled herself together as best she could.  ”I will go.  I will do the publicity.  I will watch the show.  I will leave.”  Now standing behind the ledge, she held her head up high as tears streamed down her face.

‘Fleshtival’ will be held June 4th – June 6th at the International Port of Severa.  All are welcome to attend, but please understand that this is a roleplay environment and you will be required to present yourself appropriately ‘In Character’ for this event.

For more information on Severa Beach, its back-story and rules, visit their webpage and click on the selections in the upper right to get started, or head on over to the Severa Beach Welcome Center in-world.







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