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Pixel Perfect: New Gallery at Easy Rock | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Pixel Perfect: New Gallery at Easy Rock

by Netera Landar
Published June 19, 2013

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Janine Portal has captured memories in a unique exhibit presented by Orion and Lisa Deezul as part of their Artist-in-Residence program. The grand opening reception, held on Sunday, June 2, featured the proud artist at the entrance of gallery 3 and over 60 new and established followers. The Deezul’s objective was inspired by their love and respect for the LEA Project.

“Creativity has always been central to our brands, and we thought art would be a perfect match,” stated Orion Deezul,” creator of the Easy Rock Guitar and co-owner of Easy Rock Mall. “We will give each artist 100 prims minimum to do whatever they like. All the galleries are in the tunnels connecting parts of the mall together.”

They chose Portal’s work for its dream-like quality. They have been followers of her artwork for quite awhile.

Hovering 900 feet above da Vinci, Portal’s work which is entitled “A Year in Pixels,” is featured at Infinite Recursion. It provides an interesting mix of both familiar and original art that changes with the light. Images are layered. They almost seem dream-like, ancient or haunting. Janine stated that this collection is similar to memories. We naturally overlay various components which our mind’s eye stores in a visual databank. The imagery that surfaces focuses on setting and our presence and emotions at that moment in time. Clearly that is what Janine has portrayed.

“I subscribe heavily to the metaphor of emotions being likened to weather and use images of changing light and skies extensively in my art,” explained Janine. “Each time a memory surfaces, another layer or emotion and tangential thought is added, based on the circumstances at the time of remembering. In this way our memories become thick, complex files, filled with emotionally-relevant, translucent layers, that contain so much more information than the original event.”

The images surfacing reflect her childhood in Tehran, Iran, with memories of late winter and how the snow melted in the mountains and streams wound their way through the city.

“To express these feelings, I’ve layered semi-transparent original paintings and photography with some manipulated found photos and textures to evoke the atmospheric changes of memory as seen through the lens of my emotions,” she claims. “My style, with the thick ‘box’ frame around many of the layers of ‘glass’ also echoes the childhood activity of creating dioramas. Little worlds of meaning within a box.”

Asked about her technique, Janine explained that her art is apologetically spiritually-motivated. “Whether the imagery is secular, profane or completely abstract, it’s all about the process of growth and self-discovery and the inherent urge to evolve. Even the pieces that just seem like a bit of fun exist because it contains imagery that spoke to me, be that a buried memory seeking the light or something I need to grow toward,” she stated.

Her chosen medium, in real life, is mainly paint. Though she enjoys using a wide selection of mediums to allow for the widest variety of tools to express what’s “inside” of her.   She layers her artwork so that each time you look, you observe objects differently.

Janine is inspired by art that reveals itself to her slowly over time. Flat planes bore her, but add transparent textures and the “sorting bug” issue often affecting SL and you have magic. “The images wink in and out of focus, creating illusion and depth and even uncovering meanings as the pictures shift,” she related.

Her work begins with well-known photographs in public domain as the foundation of her virtual assemblages. She gives the example of “Danae of the Roots” which  features Gustav Klimit’s painting “Danae.” By turning the image slightly, you perceive the subject to be more vulnerable. With the addition of her photograph of tree roots, layered on and around the original image, the viewer may or may not see the roots. It all depends on the angle in which you are looking. Janine said that light settings have a considerable impact on all her SL artwork. Some layers may become invisible with certain windlight or environmental settings.

“Some pieces rely on animated prims for their impact,” she stated. “Last summer I noticed that a number of SL artists were paying me the compliment of imitation so I looked for a way to add another dimension to my work.”

“Hope or “Chelsea Morning” features a hand moving in front of a window and images of one of her real life paintings. When a friend of hers commented about what she saw in the piece, Janine first realized the deep, personal message.

Janine’s  artwork can be viewed at Strata Gallery, West Gallery, WU Gallery, Portals at Timamoon Arts and Gee’s Gallery at Active Arcade.  She’s also been invited to have a show in the Exhibition Center at the Timamoon Art’s Community in the summer. She is a resident artist at the Kelly Yap Artist Gallery.

Gallery 3 at Easy Rock Mall http://slurl.com/secondlife/da%20Vinci/67/74/972








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