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Cheers To Chillee | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Cheers To Chillee

by Netera Landar
Published July 29, 2013

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Reporters spend a great deal of time interviewing and writing so we miss attending gigs. That’s where friends fit in nicely. Two SL buddies who have been informing me of talented musicians and entertaining venues are Kitty Dorchester and SgtPinback Darkwyr. Kitty introduced me to Santorini Club and Sgt. introduced me to Potlach Foggarty and Chillee Hernandoz.

Sgt. arranged a meeting with Chillee and joined us during the interview at her SL home. We chilled on the beach on comfortable over-sized pillows while Sgt. took pictures.

I asked Sgt. what he loves about her music. “Her mix…her style…the fact she is LIVE and not recorded….she has fun with people,” he told me in an IM. “She’s always joking around and makes you feel a part of the group.”

Curiously, my first question to artists is what brought them to Second Life. Chillee informed me that she came here three years ago to sing. She had learned about the vast opportunities and wanted to jump right in. Unfortunately, she admits, she rezzed in a Blue’s Club naked. It was a year or more before she returned. This time, she had a support system in place. SL artist, Johnny Paramour, was her mentor and showed her how to get established. But first she had to get over how she felt when she took the stage. Once she mastered that, she would be able to perform. Being that it was Blues, filled with emotion, that came natural to her. She began singing at the Stork Club owned by Victoria Compton, Dianna Waddington and Anttone Bonetto. The venue is now closed, but Chillee said it was an amazing place to perform.

“When you’re singing a song, you have to be able to feel that pain to be able to portray it. For me I feel that,” she said sincerely. “I can sing a song and cry.” Meaning that she puts her heart and soul into every cover or original she performs.

She loves watching the local chat fly up on the screen and knowing that people are enjoying her music. She’s humbled by it all.

“I’ve never had much confidence in my singing ability so it always amazes me when people say they like it,” she told me. “It feels so good inside.”

Chillee’s favorite real life artists are Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Led Zeppelin. She loves the 70s music the most. She sings everything except Classical Music, Opera and Heavy Metal.

When she has free time on SL, she tries to attend other artists gigs, as well. There are so many talented artists, that it’s going to take awhile to see them all perform. It amazes her how big the SL music scene is.


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