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Winter Nightfire: Inspired Creatively | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Winter Nightfire: Inspired Creatively

by Netera Landar
Published August 20, 2013

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Winter Nightfire is a self-taught artist who paints what the canvas reveals to her.  She is not governed by the techniques of any one style, nor cares to label it.  Her bold abstract forms or subdued lines and almost-there shapes, ride on the border of one’s imagination, tempting the art aficionado to move in closer to the virtual canvas.

Nightship by Winter Nightfire

Every perspective is different and Winter is intrigued when it comes to what others see in her chosen form of expression.  She creates her paintings in her home studio, often starting one, putting it away and then coming back to it.  Her mediums of choice are acrylic, mixed media and pastels, and her real life art sells in the range of $300-$800.

Motivated by the California art community, Winter became an artist whose interests evolved when she assisted in the arrangement of art shows in San Francisco.  From there she started following her own instincts, as she explained as we moved to a sitting area in her Watch Factory Art Gallery, situated in the heart of Avalon Town on the Tabula sim.  Winter shares the modest gallery “Snow Cave,” with fellow artist Mack Mistwood.

“There was one artist I hung out with at the studio, a beat artist.  Other than that, I was really pretty isolated as a developer artistically,” confesses Winter.  “And I preferred it that way,” she said, adding that she wants to create her own images, rather than being influenced by what other artists are working on or to be compared to them.   She would love to develop her own techniques and this process can be observed when standing in front of her abstracts.  Contour the curves with a gaze and experience the color.  Try to make out the forms.  Winter is inspired by emotions, nature, inner mumblings, passion and longing. With her skill as an artist, she transforms these characteristics into pleasing textures.

“Sometimes I just see colors.  Sometimes I’ll see a shape and put it down on the canvas.  I let my pencil move and see what forms,” she explained.  “I don’t love every piece I do.  I think they are just what they are supposed to be and it’s really none of my business.”

As I looked around her SL gallery, I noticed that Winter’s paintings were neatly displayed in large dimensional frames.  Some were angled to look as if they had been placed for different perspectives.  Standing exhibits allow her four-sided representation, and an added artistic feature were graffiti-like portraits of women done in single layered art.  It appeared as if she painted them directly on the bricks, abstract in style and colorful.  Boxes provided the illusion that her work was just being unpacked, and a nearby cart looked like it was ready to haul off a heavy canvas to a buyer’s car.

We spoke about her paintings exhibited in her gallery: “The Listener,” “The Mare,” “Mobile in Breeze Before the Window,” a creative interpretation of a man and a woman.    Winter briefly discussed her painting, ‘A Little Bird Told Me,’ which hung on the back wall.  She thought it was different and maybe people would like it.  She was happy to learn that they did.

Everything by Winter Nightfire

Asked what art means to her at this stage of her life, she replied, “It’s my only thing… and my dog.”

The Great Divide by Winter Nightfire







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