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Breathtaking Views at Heightened Passion | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Breathtaking Views at Heightened Passion

by Stary Dreamscape
Published September 3, 2013

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Once again my Second Life travels took me to a far off place… somewhere with a romantic setting, perfect for couples.  The path led me to the Heightened Passion sim, a breathtakingly beautiful location.

After I arrived, there were several choices available to me… horseback riding, going on a hot air balloon ride… but, since I wanted to see everything that this place has to offer, I decided to take a leisurely stroll toward a nearby hillside.  From there I observed a marvelously constructed aqueduct bridge, with arches that elegantly provide support while creating a visually appealing addition to the already stunning surroundings.  The nearby waterfall roars down a cliff side, which I especially enjoyed (some of you know that I L-O-V-E waterfalls!); a great view from my vantage point atop the bridge.

Although I restrained myself, there is a hand glider perched on the bridge.  I’m sure that visitors who take advantage of that feature are presented with even better overhead views of this scenic area.

Continuing on my exploration, the winding path took me through the lovely countryside and finally back to where I had started.  My adventure did not end there  - I can never resist an opportunity to meander along the road less traveled!  Up ahead, I caught a glimpse of another bridge, barely visible in the distance.  It was calling to me, so I knew I just had to venture on and allow it lead me over to the other side of the river.

My eyes, full of splendor, spotted a small building perched along the bank, like a dance floor on the water’s edge.  There, a gondola waited patiently, prepared to transport me further on this voyage.  How could I resist?  It glided smoothly through the river on a guided tour of the sim.  There was so much to see, as the landscape unfolded before me, eager to display its vibrant foliage and rolling hills.  Its lofty cliffs occasionally parted to entice visitors to glimpse at the glistening sea and distant horizon.  Everything had a subtle glow and calming haze.  Truly a very romantic atmosphere, perfect for lovers.

Once docked, I sat for a moment, bathed in silence, save for the gentle sounds of the natural setting that surrounded me.  What a glorious place to visit, whether shared with a special someone, or for moments of peaceful solitude.  The sim offers many secluded spots with poses and animations that will further enhance your experience.






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    [...] Once again my Second Life travels took me to a far off place… somewhere with a romantic setting, perfect for couples. The path led me to the Heightened Passion sim, a breathtakingly beautiful location.  [...]

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