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A Chill in the Air at The Haunted | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
A Chill in the Air at The Haunted

by Stary Dreamscape
Published September 22, 2013

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With Halloween fast approaching, I thought it would be great if I visited one haunted destination a week up until the day.  With so many ghoulish locations to choose from in Second Life, it would be impossible to visit all of them, so I decided to go with a “Lucky Dip” style choice.  And the first destination… The Haunted, located on the Darkness sim.

Upon arrival, I must admit, I found the rather cartoonish Dracula to be a little off-putting, but I was determined to follow through with my tour of The Haunted.

The dark, murky atmosphere really set the tone, but the teleport pad was brightly colored and clearly indicated highlights of the sim.  The beach was my first pick from the available attractions, which I anticipated would be somewhat mundane.  Once I landed there, I was somewhat disoriented, as it was not a beach, but a graveyard.  Thinking at first that I had been misdirected, I looked around for something to guide me.  The sign confirmed that I was indeed in the right location, but the area had been eerily transformed with dense fog and spirit lights that floated around me.  A massive full moon, a wary raven perched on top of the gate, and the sounds of the night  added to the gloomy atmosphere.

I had become completely mesmerized by the music of the night and suddenly felt that I needed to tear myself away from there, so when I located the teleport pad near the gate, I didn’t hesitate.  Noting a carnival among my options, I thought to myself… surely I wouldn’t have any trouble pulling myself away from there when the time came.

I wasn’t disappointed — The Carnival had many exciting activities.  I wondered to myself what I should do first?  Play some games?  Explore the haunted-looking Murder Manor?  Take a ghost ride?

I played a few of the games, and had a lot of fun on the ‘wack a noob’ game, before making my way over to the ghost train.  I had to wait a while for a free car to become available, but once the train departed, I knew immediately that it was worth the wait.  No spoilers from me, just take my word for it that you must go and see it for yourself.

Once the ride finished, I wasn’t really spooked enough, so adventurous me headed over to the Murder Manor without hesitation.  It wasn’t too long before I started to regret my decision — I wanted to turn around and leave, but I was trapped!  There was only one way I could go… forward through the maze, with unknown horrors at every turn.  Once again, I won’t give up any details, because this is another must-see attraction.

I ran out of the manor toward a nearby bridge that spanned some murky waters, and followed a path that led into the forest.  It looked dark and uninviting , but typical me, I decided to take my chances and walked onward into the unknown.  I’m glad I eventually got out of there, it scared the wits out of me!

Stay tuned for next week’s visit to another chilling place in the world of Second Life, if you dare!

Location: Darkness (125,126,21)






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