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RL Jewelry Designer Brings Talent, Skill to SL | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, July 13th, 2020
RL Jewelry Designer Brings Talent, Skill to SL

by Celene Highwater
Published November 8, 2013

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On a beautiful Fall day in late September, I sat down with one of SL’s newest fashion designers, Hariana Hax, for a one-on-one interview to discuss her life and work.

“I have been fascinated with jewelry since childhood,” Hariana explained.

Growing up in Paris, France, Hariana says she spent her days dreaming of creating the beautiful and eye-catching jewels and fashions she saw in the store windows.  Now, as an adult, she has made her dream a reality both in RL and Second Life.

“Via Condotti” in Pink – Photo Courtesy of Hariana Hax

“I like to mix materials such as gold and silver with non-precious materials,” she explains when talking about her creations in real-life Brazil, where she resides now.

“I like the world of fashion and accessories,” she continues. “The jewelry design in RL is inspired by nature: flowers, leaves, insects, seeds….”

When the topic turned to Second Life, I asked her what attracted her to the virtual world.  She says she joined SL six years ago due to her curiosity.  “I liked the game,” she explained.

“Campo de Fiori” in Ivory – Photo Courtesy of Hariana Hax

“I am fascinated by the human mind; people do not change, even here.  SL is a fantastic virtual world. There are no frontiers and we do not grow old. We are eternal children,” She says.

Hari goes on to explain that after six months in SL, she became a mentor for Linden Labs and later a Resident Help Network (RHN) volunteer, serving as a mentor and linguist.  “I speak four languages,” she says with a smile.  “Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, English
and a bit of French.”

“Domus Aurea” in Gold Orange – Photo Courtesy of Hariana Hax

After serving as a help volunteer for new residents for years, Hari says she started to wonder why she couldn’t create a clothing and jewelry line here in Second Life.  So, she set
out to do just that, creating her first collection, launching it this Fall.

“Pantheon” in Red – Photo Courtesy of Hariana Hax

The store she created in the SL Marketplace is called Imago, which she says means “image” in Latin.  Her product line includes both gowns and jewelry, some of which have been created to resemble some of the pieces she has crafted in real life.

Hariana says she doesn’t know when, but she plans to open an in-world shop in the future to sell her designs.  In the meantime, be sure to check out her garments and designs in the Second Life Marketplace store – visit “Imago” today!




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