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Serenity Gardens | The Metaverse Tribune
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020
Serenity Gardens

by Stary Dreamscape
Published November 19, 2013

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Christmas is fast approaching, and if you are anything like me, you may not want to be reminded of the cold weather about to descend upon many of us around the globe.  So, thinking warm thoughts,  I decided to venture out to a sim that offers the best of both worlds:  one half of the sim is dedicated to the joys of summer, while the other half celebrates winter, in a wonderful way.  And so my tour of Serenity Gardens began….

I landed on the summer side of the sim, which was so lush and beautifully landscaped that I was nearly overcome with the vision in front of me.  As I moving slightly through the region, I noticed that across a little stream was the transition over to winter.  Perched on the edge of a cliff  sits a lovely gazebo, complete with an upright piano.  A perfect place for any couple looking for a get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday Second Life.

Strolling along a tree and rock lined path, I found it very pleasant to walk under the swaying branches, my footprints shrouded in the moving shadows.

I hadn’t ventured too far along the path, when I came upon a wonderful sight – something that I prize above all other things when it comes to landscapes:  a beautiful waterfall.  Nearby, strands of clear bubbles hang from the tree branches, catching the light and intensifying the effect of the waterfall.  It was truly stunning, so I paused in that spot to enjoy a few minutes of quiet bliss by sitting on the ground amongst the tall grass.  How incredibly peaceful it was to just listen to the sounds of nature and behold the splendour all around me.  But… I knew there was so much more to see, so I pulled myself away to continue on and explore more of this glorious sim.

This time, not following a path, (you know I like to go “off the beaten track”), I clambered up a hill so steep, that it almost felt like I was mountain climbing!  Once I made it to the top, I knew immediately that the effort was worth the trouble.  The peak was adorned with a beautiful lighthouse.  So bright was the glow from the top of the structure, that it was nearly blinding, and I was surprised that I had not noticed it before.

The view from the lighthouse enabled me to see the whole sim – both the winter and summer areas, the river that divides them, with the low cliffs on each side.  It was truly a spectacular scene to behold.

While I was up by the lighthouse, I noticed a bridge off in the distance.  Suddenly, I had a way to cross over to the other side, so my adventure in the snowy wonderland could begin!  Off I went, cautiously moving along the rickety wooden and rope bridge, until I arrived at the other side and entered into a beautiful winter scene.

A frozen pond awaited a new batch of skaters, and benches had been placed around the perimeter for onlookers.  To my left, I saw the pretty gazebo again — the one that I saw when I first arrived in Serenity Gardens.  As I drew nearer, I was surprised to see a very interesting formation of paths leading up to it.  Yet another wonderful detail for tourists to enjoy.

The MiLova sim, home of Serenity Gardens, has been carefully created with much attention to detail, including caves, a waterfall, beaches, forests… making it the perfect romantic getaway for couples.  It’s also a great place to explore with friends, or meet new people.  I know I will be visiting again with that special someone… a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Hybie Mynx has certainly put a lot of time and energy into the sim.  Her talent is evident in everything that surrounds you at this amazing SL destination.  And, for the avid shopper, fly up and check out her collection of poses and shapes in her Savoir Faire Poses & Shapes store, located up above the grounds.




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