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Winter Scenes by Incendia Outdoors | The Metaverse Tribune
Wednesday, May 27th, 2020
Winter Scenes by Incendia Outdoors

by Stary Dreamscape
Published December 2, 2013

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In the spirit of the coming Holiday Season, I thought it would be fun for my readers to learn about some of the seasonal sims in Second Life.  So begins my Winter/Christmas tour for 2013….

I started off by making a trip to “Winter Scenes.”  This beautifully frosty sim was created by Lucie Scorbal and Wolf Overland, proprietors of Incendia Outdoors — an SL merchant that specializes in outdoor decor.

That cloudy and blustery morning I got all bundled up and ready for a chilly day.  Landing in the middle of a blizzard, I noticed a barn behind me and so I waited inside for the snow to finish flurrying.  Some farm animals had taken shelter in the barn, as well.  Completing the farmyard scene were several gentle horses in the  paddock around the exterior of the little building.

When the snow had finally stopped, I headed out into the bleak the landscape.  A slight mist hung in the air as I walked about and started exploring.

I came upon a frozen lake, a nice area to do a spot of ice skating, so I found some ice skates in my bag and began to slide along the ice.  A small island lay in the middle of the lake, and as I made my way around it, I found a wonderful little igloo.  In front of it were two ice block barricades – a perfect place to have a snowball fight with friends.  Now, wouldn’t that really warm you up on a cold winters day?

Along one edge of the sim stands a wonderful cabin, complete with a toasty log fire and a warm welcome.  The cozy shelter is inviting for time spent relaxing with friends, a loved one, or even quiet moments of solitude.  Add some hot coco with marshmallows, and you have a recipe suitable for soothing any cold soul.  I remained in the comfort of the cabin for a while before venturing back out into the crisp wintry air.

High on a hilltop, on the other end of the sim, sits a lonely little shack.  A solitary man stands outside warming himself next to a fire.  Up above, lights twinkle softly in the tree.

I spied some skis nearby, and having never skied before  in my life, I decided it was about time I learned!  So, I borrowed a set of rather pink skis and headed back down the hill, this time with some speed.  I loved feeling the cold wind hitting my face and streaking through my hair… I loved it so much that I decided to climb, well… run, up the hill once more and descended with more speed!

There are where so many other little places to explore at Winter Scenes – more than I could possibly cover in brief for this article.  You really must travel there yourself and experience all that it has to offer.

Reflecting upon the 4th year of this winter wonderland, Lucie Scorbal says, “The sim is something that we both feel very passionate about making each year for the people in SL to see.”  You won’t be disappointed… what a lovely time I had there!





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    [...] In the spirit of the coming Holiday Season, I thought it would be fun for my readers to learn about some of the seasonal sims in Second Life. So begins my Winter/Christmas tour for 2013….  [...]

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    Thanks for the scoop! :)

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