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Minecraft Introduces Twitch.tv Streaming | The Metaverse Tribune
Minecraft Introduces Twitch.tv Streaming

by Bethany Slade
Published December 10, 2013

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For Your Viewing Pleasure…

The highly anticipated release of Minecraft update 1.7.3 & 1.7.4 has finally been launched, following a successful pre-release version that became available on December 6th.

What’s all the hype about?  Last month at Minecon, held in Orlando, Florida, it was announced that Minecraft had partnered with Twitch, to bring streaming video into the game.  As millions of gamers know, Twitch.tv is a major video platform that unites developers and players – even those playing at https://casinoenligne-francais.net/unique-casino/ – into a community where ideas and feedback are exchanged through video and discussion.

At this time, the new Minecraft update is supported on systems running Microsoft Windows Vista or higher, or Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and higher.  A Twitch account is required, and Minecraft players will need to link their accounts with it by logging in on the Mojang site.

In-game, video quality can be adjusted by going to Options and making appropriate settings changes in Broadcast Options.  Once completed, the integration will enable users to broadcast their games by striking the F6 key.

Reviews and demonstrations are already uploaded to Youtube, providing Minecraft fans with instant gratification about the 1.7.4update.

Notch and his team have been busy all year implementing changes and additions to the game — horses, donkeys, mules, carpet, hay bales, new fish, stained glass, more program features, etc.  Adding Twitch to the mix will give players yet another reason to share their gaming experience, amazing builds and so much more.





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