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And the Winner is…. 2013 Avi Choice Awards | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, July 13th, 2020
And the Winner is…. 2013 Avi Choice Awards

by Bethany Slade
Published December 16, 2013

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In what promised to be a spectacular evening, the 2013 Avi Choice Awards show, sponsored by Blake Hambleton and Shannon Bramlington of Sweethearts Jazz Club, certainly proved itself as a not-to-be-missed event.  The annual program was the result of months of preparation, building, rehearsal, and careful planning.  Its purpose:  to acknowledge top Second Life businesses, designers, performers, venues, and a host of other notable people and entities, chosen and voted on by SL residents.

The December 15th presentation began at 3PM SLT, and had such overwhelming response that multiple locations were constructed to accommodate the anticipated turnout.  Wayne Bentley’s auditoriums reflected his extraordinary skill and passion for building.  A HUD was available to those not seated in the main auditorium, for in-world screening via live broadcast on Aview TV.  The show was also simulcast online at Aviewtv.com and T1 Radio so fans and voters could watch or listen as they cheered for their favorite nominees.  And hosts Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas helped keep things moving along on schedule between the presenters and the entertainment.

The 2013 Avi Choice Awards, held on The Christmas Expo sim, was closed to the public.  Tickets or reservations had to be secured in advance to gain access at the formal black-tie event.  Live entertainment featured Particle Tom and Lexi Marshdevil, Therese Nightfire, Wayne Davis Rocks Band, and the Guerilla Burlesque Dancers.  Following the ceremonies and program was an after-party that included vocal offerings by Erin68 Frog and Satin Galli, as well as Savannah Coronet.

The Winners of the 2013 Avi Choice Awards are as Follows:


Favorite DJ: Blake Hambleton
Favorite Rock Club
:  Big Daddy’s – Jade Kennedy/Bianca MarchantFavorite
Formal Venue:  Frank’s Elite Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra
Favorite Country Venue
:  Black Horse Country – Mackenzie Ariel
Favorite Live Music Venue
:  Frank’s Elite Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra
Favorite Blues Club
:  Junkyard Blues Club – Kiff Clutterbuck
Favorite Jazz Club
:  Sweethearts Jazz & Social Dance Club – Blake & Shannon Bramlington
Favorite Host or Hostess
:  Elita Wardell
Favorite Tribute Show
:  Bad Ampitude – Vampira Voom/Fredric Forcella
Favorite Country Singer:  Savannah Coronet
Favorite Pop Singer:  Maximillion Kleene
Favorite Rock Singer
:  Maximillion Kleene
Favorite Jazz Artist/Musician
:  Voodoo Shilton
Favorite Blues Artist:  Noma Falta
Favorite Original Music Artist
:  WayneDavis Rocks
Favorite Singing Duo
:  Lisa Brune & Maximillion Kleene
Favorite Female Musician
:  Savannah Coronet
Favorite Male Musician
:  Maximillion Kleen
Favorite poet/spoken word performer/actor – Male:
Russell Eponym
Favorite poet/spoken word performer/actor – Female
:  Bryn Oh
Favorite Model
:  Strawberry Singh
Favorite SL Comedian
:  Sadist Sinister
Favorite Sporting Event
:  Giant Snail Races – RacerX Gullwing
Favorite Cultural Spot (library, opera house, theater, etc)
:  The Rose Theatre
Favorite Art Gallery:  Rose Theater Art Gallery – Kylie Sabra/Kaya Angel
Favorite Artist:  Bryn Oh
Favorite Linden
:  Torley Linden


Favorite Jewelry Store:  Earthstones – Abraxxa Anatine
Favorite Skin Designer:
LAQ – Mallory Cowen
Favorite Hair Designer
Truth – Truth Hawks
Favorite Avatar Accessories
Slink – Siddean Munro
Favorite Shoe Designer
N-Core – Claire Messenger
Favorite Women’s Apparel
Purple Moon – Poulet Koenkamp
Favorite Lingerie Designer
Black Lace – Mariska Simons
Favorite Men’s Apparel
Lapointe and Bastchild – BastChild Lotus & Paul Lapointe
Favorite Kids Apparel: Zooby – Carrie Tatsu
Favorite Kids Designer
Zooby – Carrie Tatsu
Favorite Petite/Tiny AV Creator
Yabusaka Loon – Yabusata
Favorite Furry AV Creator
Lovecat Thei – LoveCats Designsa
Favorite Animal AV Creator
Carrie Tatsu – Zooby
Favorite Merfolk Creator
Evangeline Miles – Evie’s Closet
Favorite Petite Female Apparel
Evie’s Closet – Evangeline Miles
Favorite Petite Male Apparel
Fallen Gods – Alia Baroque


Favorite Holiday Store: What Next – Winter Thorn
Favorite Furniture Creator
Winter Thorn – What Next
Favorite Home Builder
Inverse – Novocaine Islay
Favorite ‘Anything’ Builder
(not homes/furniture):
Meli Imako – Meli Imako
Favorite Garden & Landscape Store: Studio Skye – Alex Bader
Favorite Sim Build (to explore through): Calas Galadhon Park – Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith
Favorite Land Company: Azure Island – Candy Azure
Favorite ‘On the Go’ Creator (car, motorcycle, boat, plane, etc): MLCC Headquarters-Bikes – Motor Loon
Favorite Breedable: KittyCats – Callie Cline, Equinox Pinion, kittycats resident
Favorite Breedable Market: Too Adorable – Kendrah Vantelli
Favorite Breedable Breeder: Mallorie Floresby
Favorite Role Play Sim: World of Hogwarts – Trystan Trevellion


Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical: Best of SL – Frolic Mills
Favorite SL Radio Station
SL Live Radio – Thorn Andel & Esme Capelo
Favorite SL TV Show
Designing Worlds – Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin
Favorite SL Media/News Source: The SL Enquirer – Lanai Jarrico
Favorite Machinima Production: The Drax Files – Draxtor Despres
Favorite Videographer: Bryn Oh
Favorite Dance Troupe: SL Cheerleading Squad – Christi Charron
Favorite SL Blog/Blogger: Cherlindrea Lamont – Fabulously Free in SL
Favorite Event: The Arcade – The Arcade Gacha
Favorite Photographer/Photography Studio: Strawberry Singh
Favorite Texture Store: Studio Skye – Alex Bader
Favorite Second Life Group: Sweethearts Jazz Social Club Group – Blake Hambleton & Shannon Bramlington
Favorite Shopping Region: Collabor88 – Collabor88 Resident
Favorite Static Pose Creator
Vista Animations – Vista Barnes
Favorite Dance Animations
Humanoid – Marcus Adkins
Favorite Male AO Creator:
Vista – Vista Barnes
Favorite Female AO Creator:
Vista – Vista Barnes

Details about the event and the nominees will continue to be updated on the 2013 Avi Choice Awards site this week.  Further information about all of the sponsors, advertisers, the Breedables Fair, the Xmas Expo, Relay For Life of SL and more is available now, including pertinent links.  A full listing of program/event coordinators, participants, presenters, and top five nominees in each category, has been posted, as well.

The Metaverse Tribune was pleased to be in the company of so many other great SL publications that were nominated in the category of “Favorite Magazine, Newpaper, or Periodical.”  It is with gratitude that we extend our thanks to our faithful readers, to those who nominated us, and to the many individuals who shared their appreciation for us by voting.  Congratulations to winner, Frolic Mills and BOSL, and better luck to us next year!



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