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Happy New Fashion! | The Metaverse Tribune
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020
Happy New Fashion!

by Landa Crystal
Published December 27, 2013

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FULL CRYSTAL:  Happy New Fashion!!

Newspaper Gown from Boudoir. Jewels Chop Zuey


What better gift for a writer than a sexy dress made up entirely of… you noticed!… magazine covers and newspaper articles!!!!  I had wanted this dress for so long but somehow I had never gotten the courage to get it.  So happy, delighted and thankful for earthbound Angels who, even without the usual wings,  manage to bring a smile to our faces and warm our hearts with thoughtful gifts like this.

E-clipse Sweater and Shorts at Limited Bazaar


Beenie hair from Argrace. Boots Slink


I believe that Christmas week was just as active in SL as things were in physical life.   To begin with, there are quite a few interesting SIMS to explore.  One of my favorites right now is Imaginaria (where most of these pictures were taken).  This winter SIM has many hidden, secret spots that you can certainly enjoy alone, with friends, or with your significant other.  Don´t miss it!



Speaking of others… there is .Shi again, and not just because I love all of what they do but because this time they have come up with the cutest group gift…

…And yes… these shoulder ninjas come in a boy-girl pair, with two versions:  Bliss & Courage… perfect for the New Year.  Although they are meant to be worn on the shoulder, you can also hold them or display them as decor as long as you have the prims to allow for that!  I think I will use the Courage Ninja  for the next year!

If you are already a group member make sure to wear your group tag.  If you are not, you can click the ¨Join Group¨ sign on their wall at the store.

Solidea Folies

The Great Draake Dailey, The Magnificent Caohimhe Lionheart & Good Old Me All Wearing SolidaFolies!


In other news,  Solidea Folies presented its new collection in the middle of a Christmas Party, this past 23rd of December.  In addition to having a great time, one guest had the opportunity and honor to win the new collection in its entirety!  I did want to take pictures of the entire event, but unfortunately I  crashed and was not able to properly cover the party.  But, while I was there, the music was amazing and so were the guests… and let´s not forget the fantastic collection which is simply spectacular!


Have you heard about Chapter 4?

On the 4th day of each month, The Chapter Four holds a monthly shopping event for 2 weeks.  There are four different themes:

- Chapter 1 : Buy 1 for 2.  That is 2 items for the price of one.

- Chapter 2 : Half Price

- Chapter 3 : Under 100 L$.  All products under 100L$

- Chapter 4 : Gacha

Try your luck to win the rare items from the gacha machines of various stores!

Designers can apply following this link!

The rest of us can stay put until January 4th, 2014 for the next event!!!

SLurls:  Boudoir, Chop ZueyArgrace , SLink, Limited Bazaar

Much love, and HEY!!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!


Landa !



  • Caoimhe Lionheart

    I finally remembered to come back and tell you thank you!!! <3

  • Caoimhe Lionheart

    We so enjoyed having you at the party (which you know because quite simply, I adore you! <3

  • Landa Crystal

    So wonderful to see posting comments here darling Cao!!! BIG Hugs !

  • Landa Crystal

    and SL adores you!

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