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Full Crystal: Starting Over | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, July 13th, 2020
Full Crystal: Starting Over

by Landa Crystal
Published January 6, 2014

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Something happened this New Year’s  Eve, which made me think (once more) about how RL and SL are just one and the same.  As I readied myself for a RL party in front of the computer with SL in full view, I was totally astounded by the amount of parties that were going on in-world during New Year’s Eve.  They seemed like so much fun!!!  Problem was,  I had to attend a RL ¨stuffy¨ party so I could not really spend my time in SL.

Ice Queen´s Mink Coat in Snow by JunBug.

Once I arrived, and after the usual greetings,  I found myself wishing I was in SL.  I so missed my SL friends!  I know that my feelings had plenty to do with the RL crowd.  Mine was made up of the usual ¨frienemies¨ (or shall I say… ¨Free-Enemies¨ right?), you know, the ones from childhood who have always competed with you in a really bad way.  And ye,t for circumstances beyond my control (trust me on that!), I HAD to be there.  But … being there made me miss my SL friends even more.

As is true of most residents, we are different from other people, even madly insane you could say, and that is exactly what I craved, what I love and adore about my friends and family here.  Let’s just admit it, we ARE truly different from those who live their lives solely in the physical!

Miss C has come up with this wonderful Group Gift. Don´t miss it!

Our SL friends  are the ones who are there for us with comforting words when we have had a terrible day at the office.  The ones who will send us a gift to cheer us up, simply because we said we liked it.  These people have a tendency to reappear in our lives nine months after having had to dedicate themselves to RL, just to say, ¨Hi!  I’m thinking of you these Holidays.¨

These wonderful and amazing people, who make us come back to SL time and time again, are the ones whom we miss and who miss us.  They include those who act either beneath or beyond their years, giving us a ridiculously good laugh.  People we’ve come to accept, just the way they are.  Those are the ones that I wanted to spend my NYE with!

Hair & Flowers by Tableau Vivant at the Snow Queen Fair

SL continues to be an amazing world that  allows us to connect, beyond our wildest dreams, to others whose essence comes up and shines through their pixels each time they have an opportunity to be themselves.  In a way,  you could say that our uniqueness is fully embraced within this virtual world.

Meanwhile at midnight:  in my mind and heart, I kissed the one person who truly matters in ALL lives.  And then… ohhhhhh yessss! how I wished that I could fly during the fireworks display.

Missing my SL right then and there, I raised my glass to honor all of you, as I wished  from my heart of hearts, the very best this New Year and to all (of us)… a good life!

You, are all cherished.  You are all loved.




Miss ¨C¨ Kate Gift Hair

Coat from JunBug, Hair from Tableau Vivant at Snow Queen Fair

Tights and boots:  Solidea Folies





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