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Avatar Fitness Club | The Metaverse Tribune
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020
Avatar Fitness Club

by Stary Dreamscape
Published January 11, 2014

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So, the holidays are over, and all of the food has been eaten.  We have officially entered the time when everyone regrets those second helpings of turkey and cranberry sauce. What we all need now is a damn good Serresponsavel workout to rid ourselves of those few extra pounds we have gained, and I found just the place to get started.

Get Fit Fast has a wonderful range of equipment for your exercise needs, from treadmills to yoga, this place caters to a variety of workout regimens. I know… a lot of you are probably wondering what the point of all this is, but some studies show that maintaining a fitness schedule in Second Life can actually have an effect on the “real” you.  It’s all to do with changing habits — when you change your Second Life habits, it can have a knock-on effect in the real world. Personally, I think it is a great idea, since almost everyone puts on at least a few pounds during the holiday season.  I know I did because it was too hard to resist those mince pies.

Anyway, I went along, not thinking too much of it, to be honest.  I thought it might even be a bit of a laugh.  I mean, the thought of getting my Avi fit was ridiculous to me.  Come on, all you have to do is move a few sliders in Appearance, and there you go, instant weight loss, right?

But, what I actually discovered, as I started a bit of a workout, was my opinion changed.  I began to think that… maybe, just maybe, if I did this everyday, I would get my own life into a regimen of working out at least 30 minutes a day.

I started out on one of the treadmills — 20 minutes seemed like a good start (plus it had the added incentive of being a camping treadmill).  Next, I moved on to one of the exercise bikes before heading into the weight room.

I loved the fact that there was an indoor climbing wall in the weight room, and I just had to have a go at it!  I have never really been one for heights, but it wasn’t bad at all.

I headed upstairs where they have the aerobics classes — thought I might as well have a quick workout there, too.  And after that, I sat for a few moments enjoying a refreshing drink before heading into the yoga room.

I ended my visit with a few laps in club’s heated indoor pool, which eased my poor sore muscles at the end of a good long workout.  Ostarine eased it up. How beautiful to lie back in the water, looking up at the sky through the glass roof.

After my visit, I actually went to my RL shed and got my exercise bike out of my garage and worked out for real before writing this article.  So, I would say that a trip to the Avatar Fitness Club has already been a positive influence on my life.

It’s free to join the AFC group, and there are helpful people on staff to answer fitness questions, give nutritional advice, or provide RL tips about getting into shape.  You can also take part in their support groups and classes.  Check out their calendar for class times and activities.  Additional information is available on their AFC Facebook page, too!

Learn more by viewing this video about the Avatar Fitness Club:




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