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Full Crystal – Hard at Work | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, July 13th, 2020
Full Crystal – Hard at Work

by Landa Crystal
Published January 20, 2014

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This Week’s Style

If mesh clothing was not at first willingly embraced by most people outside the fashion world, 2013 witnessed the evolution of creative techniques that many times led to utilizing the best of both:   Prim and Mesh construction.  Perhaps this was the reason people outside the industry began to feel more at ease to try the new creations, as they felt more familiar with the former.

I am enthralled by the way apparel is made today, as I witnessed the progression from very primitive raw construction, to a much more sophisticated approach.   In my opinion creating a reasonable, beautiful and well made ensemble was even more difficult back in the days of prim only.  In these current days of mesh and alpha masks, some of the most amazing designs, made entirely out of prims, are still available to us when they are good quality, simply because we still want them, as is the case below.

This bejeweled  number from Boudoir is made from a successful paring of prims and textures.  As evidenced here, the Esibelle Peacock Dress is still very realistic and glam, especially when accessorized with modern mesh technology items.  I received it as a Christmas gift and have been wearing it ever since.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a number-one fan of mesh, which, when done properly, seems to make everything easy and fast when it comes down to dressing.  I purchased the robe shown below at the beginning of the season, and had not had a chance to wear it until now.  I felt like putting on something very comfortable, yet hip, to work around the new home I have just  put together.

The Gizza Fragant Henna Robe can almost make you smell the bouquet of scents.  It’s so absolutely chic and effortless — perfect for doing your Avatar meditation while you work in RL in front to the PC (or talk to your mother, if you are lucky enough to have one!).

Accessorized with bead necklaces, a third eye enhancer pearl and crystal tears, the outfit is the  staple of any hippy chic chick!

Style Info:


Fashion News!

The dedication of our many creatives and creators to their SL work never ceases to amaze me.  I would have thought that after the recent holidays most of them would be off to an easy slow start.  Wrong!  They’ve been hard at work, providing us with content and activities to keep our fashion interesting, and our Avatars looking cute.  Let’s take a look!

Gizza’s Angels

GizzA - CottonCandy Costume

Gizza just launched the CottonCandy Teardrop Costume Lingerie Set.  Created for the MVW Australia 2014 competition, it is quite an extraordinary mix of sugary pinkish color and Angelic PomPom Chiffon Wings, combined with just the right touch of sexiness in its form-fitting corset.

The Generosity of Vogue

For those of us who like a freebie, it’s always a nice treat to find them made with the topmost quality and in the latest style.  Nothing insults you more (newbie or not), than a poorly made free “gift” that’s thrown your way, when it was really a failed attempt at creating that should have been dropped into the designer’s trash bin.  In that sense, Vogue, with their monthly group gifts, is totally different!  Their January 2014, opened up with a bang as they have been giving away mesh shorts in a bunch of different colors to group members, and in black-only for non-members.  Everybody gets a treat!

Another Great Party at Salimar!

Salimar has extended this invitation to it’s next theme party, to all fashion loving Metaverse Tribune readers, through Riri Ninni, for a chance to win great prices.

Where:  *SaliMar* Luxury District.

Contest:  Win 2 gifts from 2 of the Luxury District’s designers

When:  26th January (Sunday) 1-3 pm SLT

Theme:  Black.  They ask that even if you do not participate in the contest, you must arrive in all black, in which case, you can wear clothing from any designer, as long as it’s within theme!

The contests:

1. Pulse of Style: In the party’s theme, mix-and-match at least 3 outfits from ANY of the Luxury District’s stores (please use items that are available at the District).

2. Pulse of Art: In the party’s theme, mix-and-match at least 2 outfits from ANY of the Luxury District’s stores (please use items that are available at the District), and create a picture.  Upload your picture to *SaliMar* Luxury District’s Flickr Group and name it:  “SaliMar’s Fashion Pulse January – [Your Name].”  In the Description field, please state which 2 items you used from the District.

Deadline for this contest is:  25th January (Saturday) midnight SLT.  The pictures will be displayed at the party.  For further instructions please contact Salimar.

Smack Show! From Zenshi

This promises to be one of the most interesting and fun shows ever presented by Zenshi.   The models have been challenged to use Lolas Tango and Phat Azz appliers… BUT!!!!!…. and here is fun part, they need to do so while looking elegant, edgy and high fashion.  Buzzword says this show is only for the brave.


In Other News

  • Zzoie Zee, Zenshi’s CEO and owner, recently declared that change is in the air, as the expiration of the contractual period of their joint venture with AVENUE approaches.  They will no longer offer housing in the sim. A pity, because it’s the place of refuge for every fashion conscious Avi who’s looked for a place to stay, at least in between houses.  The good news is that Club Zenzibar will not be closing doors, and Zz will very soon be creating a new community which will be open to anyone in the fashion industry to host fashion shows, events, or to open a store.  We can’t wait to see the changes and we are excited to see what Zz comes up with next!
  • Kryptonia Paperdoll and Seashell Dench, both former Instructors for Avenue Modeling Academy, have decided to go on their own and open SCALA – SL™.  Described on their Press Release as “a new beginning, bringing the best of two worlds together… a merging of their past experiences with the creation of a new vision of Second Life’s modeling’s future.” Indeed they have been teaching many avatars, myself included, for several years.  And Seashell is one of the kindest, most empathic yet challenging instructors you can imagine.  Congratulations to both ladies,  and our best wishes for a long and fruitful business partnership.  SCALA Academy Staff:  Kryptonia Paperdoll, Director, Seashell Dench, Instructor, Zaara123 Resident, Instructorzaara@scala-sl.com Alternative email:  zaaradesmond@gmail.com.

That’s it for me this week, my adorable and wonderful readers!  And just remember, no matter what anyone tells you, in this or any other life… you can never, ever have enough… SHOES!

Much love,

Landa xoxo!




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