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Full Crystal: Love is in The Air | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, July 13th, 2020
Full Crystal: Love is in The Air

by Landa Crystal
Published February 13, 2014

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Style of the Week

While RL Fashion Week has everyone waiting to see if Bloggers will in effect be left out from the front rows, in SL, designers are on a roll extending the usability of their magnificent creations and gifting us with several choices in a single outfit.   Take Gizza’s the “Untouchables” outfit for example.  Besides impeccable workmanship and great style, its appeal touches on the many possibilities it can present to us.  Not only does it come in many colors, it also offers up several ways to wear it!

The Untouchables by Gizza

The outfit comes with high-waisted tight pants, low-waisted half trousers, a tube top and a two gunned chest belt. As styled in the middle of the picture above, with just the tube top, the tight under pants and the half trouser all in monochrome black and worn with high delicate heels it can certainly take you from date to resort or lunch with the girls.  Remove the trousers and wear the chest gunned belt and you are ready to RP in the most dangerous situation. Exchange the tight underpants for just the half trousers, remove the guns and you become the main character in yet another type of roleplay.  The possibilities are endless and you can mix and match your colors to fit your many moods.

Dandy Outfit by Gizza

If you are looking for something equally sophisticated but a bit more formal, then I would suggest you try the Voyage “Dandy” outfit, by Gizza, as well.  Consisting of an open collared jacket available in several colors and a skirt shirred on the sides that is open at both front and back, it also comes with a matching optional scarf.  The ensemble is easy to wear and carry.  Wear it with ankle booties for a touch of the unexpected and seduce onlookers with hints of that which they can’t really see upfront!

Fashion News

Love is in the Air

The Event!

Speaking of Gizza Creations, beginning February 13 until the 28th they will be presenting “Love is in the Air.” Bringing to us approximately 27 of the finest brands in Second Life with specially created items for the event.  If you want to see these items live, check them out on February 16th, 2014, at noon SLT.  The Designers participating are truly some of the very best:  Akeyo, Azul, Boudoir, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture, Cheerno, Chic Zafari, D!va Hair, Dream Ink Designs, Eclipse Designs, Faster Pussycat, Finesmith, Gabriel, GizzA, Humanoid, Indyra Originals, Lagyo, Livglam, Maxi Gossamer Jewelry, Meghindo, Pure Poison, Ricielli, SoliDae FoliEs, Son!a Luxury Fashion, sYs, Vanity Hair and Zibska.

Besides showcasing their creations, the event will celebrate all the romantic things in life: flowers, chocolate hearts, champagne, love poems, and grand sweeping romantic proposals of love.  If you are a Blogger interested in participating you may contact Draakje Dailey in-world.

From Demure to Outrageously Sexy – What Happened at the PENUMBRA MODELS SMACK! Show.  Breaking Paradigms!

SMACK! Show and Penumbra Super Models Zzoie Zee, Solde Rothmanay & Lua Vendetta

Truly one of the most amazing shows of the season in spite or maybe justly BECAUSE of the challenges.  As I told you in my last post, the models had to wear Phat Azz and Lola’s Tango Appliers and make them look High Fashion.  The eyes of the fashion grid were all on them, which added to the pressure and the pleasure! Well they did it! and they did so splendidly well.  These models not only rocked but showed that appliers can be sexy, fun AND when well proportioned to your body they can span the entire spectrum of looks from demure and lady like to outrageously Sexy.  The Penumbra models have proven that it is indeed the model and the wearer that makes the outfit!  Congratulations Girls.

Smack! Super Models Leezah Kaddour & Ashia Denimore

What To Wear For Valentines?

There are more choices than ever.  Whether you are coupled or alone there will always be something just right!  Read on!

Informal First Date


Black Biker Urgan Style by Gizza

Smoldering Date!


Zanze Limited Edition Valentine´s Short and Long Option Dress (100 dresses only)

Where To Go?

If You Are Alone – Mingle

The creators of Havenhollow proudly present its 2nd holiday installation: Mingle.
From February 1st, Mingle is an interactive hud-based event.   As they say, ¨Complete the Mingle hunt with your HUD and receive access to some amazing prizes generously offered by some of your favorite designers!  Mingle encourages you to do just that!  To complete some of the HUD’s hunt tasks you will need to find someone to do them with!  This is your chance to make memories with new friends and old.

The fun won’t stop there with a transferable item gift shop to pick something up for you and your sweetheart.

If you don’t have a sweetheart, you might find one at the Mingle Date Auction. Gussy up and get ready to Mingle!¨


For Art Lovers – VirtuArt

VirtuArt Gallery

VirtuArt Gallery, owned by Mareea Farrasco, Eva Gummibaum & Lord Thunder, is an  unconventional art gallery, displaying only the best possible  art in stunning surroundings.They aim to inspire people and promote highly talented artists. With a
private collection of sculptures they  will organize exhibitions for gifted photographers every two months. Their first one – ArtErotica – displays the works of five amazing SL artists: Laura Richards, Paola Mills, Eva Gummibaum, Mareea Farrasco and Micky Siamendes.  Don´t miss it!

What to listen to if you are staying at home (hopefully NOT alone) ! – SL Live Radio!

SL Live Radioᵀᴹ  a virtual life’s radio station in true HD sound quality is offering you the hottest deejays spinning the freshest mixes on the grid. Live! For More Info contact Esme Capelo or Thorn Andel  (yes that great and amazing DJ !)
InWorld Stream for Land
The ‘SL Live Radio’ studio is open to the public!

When all Else Fails

Just cozy up with  a top by Holy Shirt!

Mesh Shorts Vintage.  Booties Maitreya Devi in Oil.

Gosh I ´m exhausted!  So many news so little time!!!!

Until next week, much love!



  • PinkRayne

    I am loving your fashion news Landa, so fresh and something for everyone! Keep up the fab writing and great pictures xxxx

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