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Monday, July 13th, 2020
Avatar Fitness Club
by Stary Dreamscape | January 11, 2014 | View Comments
So, the holidays are over, and all of the food has been eaten.  We have officially entered the time when everyone regrets those second helpings of turkey and cranberry sauce. What we all need now... read more »»
Full Crystal: Starting Over
by Landa Crystal | January 6, 2014 | View Comments
Something happened this New Year’s  Eve, which made me think (once more) about how RL and SL are just one and the same.  As I readied myself for a RL party in front of the... read more »»
Second Life Announces “New You” Contest
by Metaverse Press | January 2, 2014 | View Comments
Second Life announced a contest today, as a way of jump-starting 2014.  The “New Year-New You”  gives residents an excuse to spruce up their pixel images via a virtual makeover.  The concept is simple — take... read more »»
Happy New Fashion!
by Landa Crystal | December 27, 2013 | View Comments
FULL CRYSTAL:  Happy New Fashion!! Boudoir What better gift for a writer than a sexy dress made up entirely of… you noticed!… magazine covers and newspaper articles!!!!  I had wanted this dress for so long... read more »»
Full Crystal: The Other Way Around
by Landa Crystal | December 18, 2013 | View Comments
The Other Way Around … Sure it has been attempted before, BUT it usually works the other way around.  That is, by going from RL (or Physical Life ¨PL¨ as I´ve taken to call it)... read more »»
And the Winner is…. 2013 Avi Choice Awards
by Bethany Slade | December 16, 2013 | View Comments
In what promised to be a spectacular evening, the 2013 Avi Choice Awards show, sponsored by Blake Hambleton and Shannon Bramlington of Sweethearts Jazz Club, certainly proved itself as a not-to-be-missed event.  The annual program... read more »»
An Interlude of Vampire
by Linus Lowbeam | December 8, 2013 | View Comments
The dark of night spread over the land quickly, like an invading army conquering all in sight. The battle between night and day was lost.  The only solace to be found was that of the pale... read more »»
Sweethearts Select Club Celebration
by Metaverse Press | December 3, 2013 | View Comments
PRESS RELEASE:  Select Promotions Announces One-Year Anniversary Celebration for Sweethearts Select Club. SWEETHEARTS JAZZ CLUB – December 2, 2013 – Select Promotion:  Sweethearts Select is celebrating its one-year anniversary on December 12, 2013.  All those... read more »»
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The Virtual Heart  »
Lights, Camera, Wannabe
Linus Lowbeam
Money, class and elegance are all that we desire. -BS Avatar elegantly moved down the red carpet, lights......
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London City
Stary Dreamscape
This year I have been sifting through my inventory, searching for something a little special. I have......
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Second Life and Virtual Currency Entreprenuer Found Dead
Metacam Oh
Promising American entrepreneur Autumn Radtke was found dead nearby her Singapore residence on February 26. According to......
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